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entanglement with a haunted forest, 2024
An installation by Claudia Bosse
Curated by Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein and section.a

“Ghosts inhabiting the forests when it gets dark emerge from the barks and trunks, from the foliage and the ground, commemorating the deceased. In Maiernigg, Mahler wrote the Kindertotenlieder (Songs on the Death of Children), and his daughter died there three years later, after which Mahler would never return. entanglement with a haunted forest seeks to approximate what existed in the past, beings human and non-human, evoking their presence in objects of bones, stones, and other materials.” Claudia Bosse

For entanglement with a haunted forest, Claudia Bosse has once again collaborated with Günther Auer. For more than ten years, he has developed sound settings resonating to her installation-based, walk-in spatial choreographies. For his concerto on entanglement with a haunted forest, Günther Auer has developed a multichannel live intervention for an ensemble of loudspeakers scattered in the forest.

entanglement with a haunted forest is part of a multi-piece performance series entitled haunted landscape/s, in which Claudia Bosse deals with wounded landscapes. haunted landscape/s starts in May at Seestadt Aspern in Vienna, continues at Maiernigg in mid-June, and ends in late October at Tanzquartier Wien.

Visitors to the Composing Hut and passers-by are warmly invited to visit the artistic installation entanglement with a haunted forest by Claudia Bosse between June and October 2024.

Anna Mahler: A Brief Encounter
A Pick from the Archive Collection
Curated by Michele Drascek

This year marks the 120th anniversary of Anna Mahler's birthday and the beginning of the work of researching and archiving Anna Mahler’s photographic records. The exhibition features a fine and significant selection of photographs from the files stored in Spoleto, Italy, where she established her studio in 1970. The pictures portray Anna Mahler with her sculptures, either working or pondering over them. And they serve as the first public presentation of the Anna Mahler Archive, the compilation of which is still in progress.

The exhibition can be viewed from June to the end of October during the opening hours of the Gustav Mahler Komponierhäuschen: Thursdays to Sundays from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm.

Commissioned composition

Voices of Entanglement
powered by Kelag

For the third time, the Mahler Forum has commissioned a composition in collaboration with the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna that will see its world premiere during the event on June 14, 2024.
The starting point for this composition by the Spanish composer Miguel Segura-Sogorb, entitled Voices of Entanglement, is a poem by Marina Mahler.

Don’t show me
My face is not who I am
Use rather
My voice

It can emerge out of silence
Like a poem written by the closed eyes listening
It can speak like an instrument
In tune and harmony with that light which glimpses us as we rise from bed at dawn
Drawn back into life from sleep
Which muddies the waters of sanity
And when its calm softly giving song has finished
The voice we do not recognize as we are used to know each other by our faces
slides back into it
Into silence
The birth of all
as into the Earth from
Which we all come they say
Dust to … dust of course

Or do we come from the sky
Where our spirit can wander after death
Part of the breeze we love to feel on our face invisible to us as we walk and dream
And reach with our whole longing into a future we will not see …
Heartache … will dissolve
absorbed by a voice … speaking just a few words like a balm …
An ultimate embrace

The text explicitly refers to the complexity of “voices,” which reside within us, which define us and carry our thoughts into the world, but which we also perceive from different constellations.

Voices of Entanglement (2024)
A composition by Miguel Segura-Sogorb for three sopranos and ensemble, based on a poem by Marina Mahler

Soloists: Rebeka Pregelj (soprano), Sara Lešnik (soprano), Gloria Mojica (mezzo-soprano)
Ensemble of the Alma Mahler Musikverein, led by Alja Klemenc: Alenka Eržen (flute/ piccolo/bass flute), Viktor Novak (clarinet/E-flat clarinet/ bass carinet), Petar Hegeduš (trumpet), Stefan Traninger (percussion), Anna Sdobnikova (piano), Daniel Pérez Trujillo (1st violin), Natalija Tripković (2nd violin), Laura Pletzer (viola), Andi Pogačnik (violoncello), Nikola Meyer (double bass)