Mahler Forum

for Music
and Society

für Musik
und Gesellschaft

14.– 15.
June 2024


This year our fourth forum opened up at the intersection of quantum physical phenomena, relevant philosophical discourse, and creativity to talk about how living beings and habitats are interconnected, either visibly or in the shadows.

The key components of Voices of Entanglement were the artistic practices and cross-generational intertwinements of the women in Gustav Mahler’s family constellation. In addition to Alma Mahler’s compositions, we presented Anna Mahler’s sculptural oeuvre on the occasion of her 120th birthday and welcomed Marina Mahler as our guest of honor.

Set in inspiring settings, the varied program included keynotes, artistic interventions, performances, and open discussions as well as the world premiere of this year’s commissioned composition – powered by KELAG – and of the Maiernigg Sound Laboratory.

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We look forward to seeing you again in 2025,
Mahler Forum for Music and Society
Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein, Morten Solvik & section.a

Friday, June 14, 6.00–8.30 pm
Konzerthaus, Mittlerer Saal

Mießtalerstraße 8, 9020 Klagenfurt


Roland Streiner, Rector of the Gustav Mahler Private University of Music

Welcome & Introduction

Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein, initiator of the Mahler Forum for Music and Society

Musical Introduction

Morten Solvik, co-initiator and music director of the Mahler Forum for Music and Society

Alma Mahler, 4 Lieder (published in 1915)

Licht in der Nacht (Otto Julius Bierbaum)
Waldseligkeit (Richard Dehmel)
Roxana Constantinescu (mezzo-soprano), Catalina Butcaru (piano)

Quantum Ecologies: Entanglements in Nature

Keynote by Tanja Traxler, quantum physicist and science journalist


Marina Mahler receives a decoration awarded by the Republic of Austria from Governor Peter Kaiser

Alma Mahler, 4 Lieder (published in 1915)

Ansturm (Richard Dehmel)
Erntelied (Gustav Falke)
Roxana Constantinescu (mezzo-soprano), Catalina Butcaru (piano)

Anna Mahler: A Stone Figure

Documentary by Albrecht Joseph, 1954

A Journey through All Kinds of Entanglements

Morten Solvik in conversation with Marina Mahler and Paul Lester

Mahler Forum commissioned composition 2024: Voices of Entanglement

Introduction: Morten Solvik

World premiere: Voices of Entanglement

A composition by Miguel Segura-Sogorb for three sopranos and ensemble, based on a poem by Marina Mahler

Soloists: Rebeka Pregelj (soprano), Sara Lešnik (soprano), Gloria Mojica (mezzo-soprano)

Ensemble of the Alma Mahler Musikverein, led by Alja Klemenc: Alenka Eržen (flute/ piccolo/bass flute), Viktor Novak (clarinet/E-flat clarinet/ bass clarinet), Petar Hegeduš (trumpet), Stefan Traninger (percussion), Anna Sdobnikova (piano), Daniel Pérez Trujillo (1st violin), Natalija Tripković (2nd violin), Laura Pletzer (viola), Andi Pogačnik (violoncello), Nikola Meyer (double bass)

About the piece

Morten Solvik in conversation with Miguel Segura-Sogorb and Alja Klemenc

Repeated performance of Voices of Entanglement

Hosted by: Christine Scheucher

Saturday, June 15, 11.00 am
Gustav Mahler Composing Hut Maiernigg

Gustav-Mahler-Weg 10, 9073 Maiernigg
Meeting point: beginning of the footpath to the Composing Hut (Gustav-Mahler-Weg)


Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein, initiator of the Mahler Forum for Music and Society

Reinhard Draxler, Kelag Board Member

Performative procession

with Claudia Bosse to the Gustav Mahler Composing Hut

entanglement with a haunted forest

Presentation of the artistic installation by Claudia Bosse

Concerto on entanglement with a haunted forest

A multichannel live intervention by Günther Auer for an ensemble of loudspeakers scattered in the forest

Artist Talk

Claudia Bosse and Marina Mahler with Tanja Traxler, quantum physicist and science journalist

Anna Mahler: A Brief Encounter

Curatorial intervention at the Composing Hut
Introduction by Michele Drascek, curator

Visitors to the Composing Hut and passers-by are warmly invited to visit the artistic installation entanglement with a haunted forest by Claudia Bosse and the exhibition Anna Mahler: A Brief Encounter by Michele Drascek between June and October 2024.

Due to limited room capacity, you are asked to register beforehand at Admission is free.

Filming and Photography during the event
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